EPS Young Talent: Wouter Wolters

Talent cannot be taken for granted, every organization wants to connect with talent. It is not without reason that we are very proud that we even have a group of talents at EPS! That is why we will introduce an EPS Talent to you every week in the coming period, in random order. This week […]

Exciting news: Svanehøj is the new member of our ITT family

We are very happy and very proud that our partner ITT Inc. has acquired the Danish company Svanehøj. Svanehøj has positioned itself among the leading suppliers of marine fuel and cargo pumps and LNG/LPG tank gauging systems. We view this acquisition with great enthusiasm as this allows the ITT family of companies to offer an […]

EPS Young Talent: Marinus Gouw

Talent cannot be taken for granted. We can’t repeat that enough! So when you have the honor to work with an entire group of young talents, then you are of course very proud of that. That is why we will randomly and weekly introduce an EPS Talent to you. This week we proudly present Service […]